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I have a LongText column in my data base, where our team is supposed to provide occasional updates on various tasks. How do I alert my team member to provide an alert / inform my team member when update is needed, by using say @symbol in front of their names or some other mode? How does the alert to to the team member – by mail, or notification?

You have to prepare an automation, which sends a notification.

You can use either the Notification or Automation rule to notify your team members.

The advantage of the Automation rule is that you can choose between notifications and sending emails. You can find instructions for a notification via automation here: Send notifications via automation - SeaTable

Thanks FSA. Is there a way I send notification by email, without creating any automation?

E-mail and notification are two separate things in SeaTable:

  • Notification = internal message within SeaTable (shown in base at bell icon), included in all SeaTable subscriptions, no requirements
  • E-mail: mail sent to any email account, “send email” automation only included in SeaTable Enterprise, requires e-mail account configured in base

Rdb, thank you for your response. How do I send notification?

Searching the User documentation is not difficult:

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