Self hosted Seatable with n8n trigger node

Hello , is anybody in our community using n8n for workflow automation? it seems like trigger node from n8n is not triggering new row added with my seatable base. I am using self hosted version for seatable.

Same for me.
I did not manage to have a trigger working

Lets hope somebody could help us…

I did check with n8n forum, i think their forum moderator tested with seatable cloud and he claim that it works for him…
but he is not sure about self hosting version.

We’ll look into it at the beginning of next week.

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Hello @rdb do you managed to find any issue?

Hi @Ben @htoolin there was an issue with the modified time in the API request, which caused some problem with the n8n node’s trigger.

This problem has been solved recently. Would you please test it again and see if the trigger now works well?

@Karlheinz hello, I just tried and it is still not triggering anything…

Thanks for your answer. @Tom would you mind to explain how to set the trigger up?

@htoolin would you please tell me which version you are using? Because in 2.5.6, the latest version, we’ve fixed an issue with the last modified time _mtime, which could make some change to the n8n situation.

However I have to admit, that the n8n node SeaTable Trigger is not perfect yet.

@Karlheinz i am using 2.5.0

latest docker image is still 2.5.0. So I’ll wait for your deployment to get the 2.5.4 and make test with n8n

Thanks for the reply. So you are using the Developer Edition (DE). I’m not sure if the DE will be upgraded to 2.5.6, perhaps then direct to 2.6.0. In this case you’ll have to wait until the middle of December.

The Enterprise Edition (EE) 2.5.6 is already available, anyway…

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indeed, i’m on DE
I’ll update and comment once I’m >2.5.6