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I noticed that there are two options in SeaTable to send an Email: Frist you can use the Email Column field that creates a small Mailbutton next to the email adress. The content of the mail is emty.

The second option is the native Email function that creates a whole button. The content can be set, but when I press the button the email will be send without a preview or further customizing options.

My problem is that I would like to create an email with a specific (predefined) content, where I can edit the email once again before sending. Is there any solution to this?

Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for your post - for your question, there’s no solution yet, but we’d love to take this as a feature request!

Here’s a workaround: Rather than using a static message template in the button column, you can compose your message by citing multiple text columns using the {column name} variable. Each text column is kind of a text block. This means, when you want to edit a message, you modify the corresponding text column. The message is then sent directly from SeaTable.

Extra hint: If you define default values for the text column cited in your message, you don’t have to manually populate these columns when no individual edits are required.

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