Send form user to payment gateway to process payment

I’m looking into sea table as a quick way to set up user registration and payment for events. Is this something has been done? I know sea table can collect info from a user and calculate cost. What I am not sure of is if seatable can send a form client to a payment gateway (ie stripe, paypal ect) to process payment and return back seatable form to indicate if charge was successful or not.

SeaTable does not provide a native integration with Stripe or PayPal.

But have a look at the integration platforms Zapier and Integromat. SeaTable supports both.

Thanks for the quick response. Im not sure that I really need that level of integration. I’m thinking that seatable I can easily collect general user info and calculate a registration cost. With the payment system I use, I could “pass” this user info, total charge amount, and some other payment id info as parameters to the payment gateway. The payment gateway would display a summary of the purchase to the user on their server and request/collect payment specific (similar to paypal). The user would submit to start payment transaction. The payment gateway would post back to a sea table application URL a response from the transaction which would need to be collected, displayed and saved.

With that said, is there some facility in the seatable form to submit info to an external url , wait and receive an external response back when transaction is complete?


Unfortunately, there is no such feature.

You really need to look at Integromat or Zapier. This must be possible. Check them out. I recommend Integromat.

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