Sending email configuration failed

Hi SeaTable Team,

I am trying to enable email sending flowing Email sending - SeaTable Admin Manual.
When I reset the password of an user, I receive the error Successfully reset password to [...], but failed to send email to [...].com, please check your email configuration..

My email settings in

The logs:

Do you have any ideas where I went wrong? I would very much appreciate your help.

Hi, I don’t see the line SERVER_EMAIL in your settings:


Maybe this is the cause?

Thank you @Karlheinz for the quick response. I have checked it, I have actually the last line. Sorry that the screenshot didn’t show complete information.new_screenshot

OK! I’m pretty sure the problem lies in Gmail.

So, you are sure, too, that your google mail login doesn’t require a 2-factor-authentication? If yes, then you’ll need a device password instead of your login password.

If that’s not the case - have you enabled “Less secure apps” in your Gmail settings? See the following article:

It works, when I enable “Less secure apps” for my Gmail! Thank you very much for the advice :slight_smile:

Do you think that it would be no problem when we use the business outlook email? My Gmail was just a test.

You are welcome, glad to have helped!

And yes, I’m sure it’ll work with your other email accounts too.

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I’m glad to hear that. Thank you!

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