Setting to text search all linked record's columns

I am crating a database for workouts. One table holds all exercises, having different tags based on stage (warmup / drill / etc), and additional information (single / group / partner). I created a filtered view for all exercises with tag warmup, one for all drills, etc.

In another table I store workout sessions. There, I have a column for warmup and one for drill. Each can have links to multiple exercises from the matching filtered view. For the session creation, I created a form view in which I can search through all warmups for the warmup slot and add as many as I like.

Here is my problem though:
The text search only searches through the exercise’s name. Is there a way for that search text to also match other columns? I want to be able to search for a tag, or a word inside the description of the exercise, filtering the results even more.

Any hints would be awesome!

Welcome to the SeaTable Forum. The feature you are requesting is packed with SeaTable 2.7.4 and will be available in the next week.


That’s awesome to hear. I was also able to get it working by using the “data collection table” instead of the standard one!

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