Setting up an indicator for the start of the Zapier Triggersc

We are currently building an integration to realize a two-way exchange of data from SeaTable to our CRM system. Our problem is to have a defined trigger point so that Zapier tasks are not constantly generated.
For the direction CRM => Zapier => SeaTable we use a “save and leave” function in our web-based CRM. This means that a trigger that starts a transfer via Zapier to SeaTable only occurs when this action is started after completing work in the data in the CRM.
I would also have to implement something like this with SeaTable (which will tend to be the leading system for certain tasks in the future).
I was thinking of something like a button that sets a status when clicked, for example, which is then used as a trigger parameter.
However, since data records can also be adjusted several times, I would have to reset the trigger status so that the action can then take place again.
Is this something I can realize with automations in SeaTable or do I have to realize this with Zapier with an additional task.

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It all depends on your workflow and how you want to work with the data.

I think I would work with a second button that sets the status to “in progress” or something similar and when you’re done, you click your original button, which then sets the status back to the trigger.

If you want to work with automation, you need a trigger for that too.

It would be great if you could couple a trigger with a delay. So “reset” status after x minutes.
Or a coupled automation => After button click change field value to “active” AND after x minutes reset the value back to “inactive”.

You have two options:

  1. via periodic automation, you can set the status to inactive again at a certain point of time. However, the execution is limited to once a day and not 5 seconds after the change as you would like.

  2. you can use automation to set the status to inactive as soon as the status has been set to active. However, I do not know whether the short time that the status is set to active is enough to trigger your Zap.

ok, tnx for you answer. We will see if we use two buttons or a status change coming from Zapier.