Share specific view to guest

i was reading the following section on the website:

Release links for guests

But even if your business partners do not have an SeaTable account, you can still provide them with insight into your data. Define any section of your tables and create a completely individual link. Your business partner can then see exactly what you want to show him.

When I select in an specific view the share view option it is only possible to select a group or an existing user.
When I use external link the complete table with all views will be shared…
How can a view be shared with guests?

First off, wow, “Release links for guests” is a terrible translation from the German original “Freigabelinks für Gäste”. This is the disadvantage of automatic translations…

Second, the idea here was, either,
a.) to use an invite link with a custom sharing permission (first screenshot below) or
b.) to create an invite link for a view (second screenshot below).

Both is technically possible, but neither is currently integrated in the web interface. Ups!!

I have added it to our list of bug fixes.

Side note: External links for views will be part of SeaTable 1.8, hence the next minor release.

Very well noted
Does it mean that in the meantime to share an specific view a „real“ user account or user group needs to be used?

The reason behind this questions is and think as for many szenarios a company has a hand full employees and a lot of external clients where they what to share specific data from an table using an view where some columns will be hidden and filtered.
For this reason it should not be forced to add each client as full user to seatable, there should be a possibility as described in “Release links for guests”

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Hi there!
I hear you and you are absolutely right! The external links for views, which we will add in the next release will cater to these uses cases!
Till the release of SeaTable 1.8, there’s no other way but to create a user for your guest.
Sorry for the inconvenience!!

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Thank you, real great news, looking forward to 1.8 Enterprise Edition coming up soon

SeaTable 1.8 was released yesterday. The anticipated feature “external links for views” is now available!

Thank you very much for the good news on that, this was the first topic I was checking after upgrading to 1.8
Thx for that

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