Swagger for SeaTable

I am a Flutter developer and I want to integrate SeaTable with my code. However, there are only PHP and Python SDK for SeaTable.

Is it possible to have swagger to generate clients of Flutter/dart and other languages?

From what I know there is no Swagger/OpenAPI available yet, same for API spec based generation.

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Hey bciiO3,

today we moved the SeaTable API documentation to Postman. The complete API reference is now available at https://api.seatable.io. The API reference is still work in progress and will be enhanced constantly but Postman should provide you with everything you need. Just export the complete postman collection and use https://apitransform.com/ to transform the API reference to openapi 3.0 standard.

If this is not what you want, please write again. Otherwise mark this thread as solved.

Best regards