Share statistics page?

I have worked with APITable once. I really liked that you can create dashboards with charts and share them. SeaTable looks quite nice, but doesn’t seem to be able to share Statistics, right? Only the tables?

You can if you share them via a custom app. You will have to recreate the stats in the app, but I have done it and it is perfectly possible.

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Thanks, will have a look at it. Have no idea what “app” refers to, but will find out. Haven’t done much with SeaTable yet. :slight_smile:

Edit: “Allow anonymous access” … so no solution for me currently.

Thanks for the hint with the custom apps.

I think I came across a bug:
when you share bases with other groups (read only), those group members can create new dashboards but cannot create new charts. I think they should should not be able to create new dashboards in the first place

Have you looked at the permissions settings for each page?

yes, thanks. that’s weird

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