Sharing Read & Write Views with Non-Team-Members


we have just started to work with the enterprise edition.

While my core team is registered and working collaboratively, I would like to give some externals access to certain views and let them contribute to these views with a free account.

As far as I get it, I can share views to members of my team or a group, or create an external view link.
But there is no option to share a read+write view-link.
(and I don´t want to share the whole base - which is possible, while custom sharing option is again, only possible for team members)

Is there a way?


Hi Andreas, welcome to the SeaTable Forum!

When sharing within your team, you can use the preset sharing permissions “read-only” and “read+write” as well as the custom sharing permissions.
When sharing with users in other teams/outside of your team and you want to grant write access, the only option is the invite link. The invite link only supports the two preset sharing permissions “read-only” and “read+write”. Custom sharng permissions are NOT supported for invite links.

thank you for your quick response

the thing with the invite links - it only works for bases, not for views.
if i had the option for an invite-link for views - that would perfectly fit my needs.
but that´s not available for the view-sharing

From the business point of view, sharing a view in read-write to a user or sharing with custom permission is an advanced feature that should be paid. So it is not available for sharing with free external users.

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