Should limit row selection to a view, show hidden columns?

First of all, maybe this is allready the answer: Hidden columns visible in detail view - #2 by Karlheinz but it’s from 3 years ago and many things changed.


  • One Base
  • Two Tables (A & B)
  • Link From Table A in B

Table A has 4 Columns: Username, Full Name, Adress, E-Mail
In Table B there are People Working, but shouldn’t see the Adress, so the link is something like that:
→ Select column from the linked table “Table A” to display
→ [ Full Name ]
→ [ x ] limit linking to max one row
→ [ x ] limit row selection to a view
→ [ User-friendly View with “Adress” hidden ]
→ [ ] Don’t show button “Linking existing” records

The Problem now is.

A User which is allowed to see in Table A the View 'User-friendly View with “Adress” hidden ’ sees in Table A only “Username”, “Full Name” & “E-Mail”. But when selecting a Row in the linked Table B, they suddenly can see everything, also the hidden Column “Adress”.

Why is it a problem for us? Because we have over 50 hidden Columns, and to see all of them while selecting in the detailed view of Table B is … not beneficial.

Maybe we did our design wrong.

Anyways, thank you very much,


Hello Stormi,

You can use the Universal app to avoid the behavior described above.

In the page settings of the table, you can set which columns are visible in the link column settings and then in the field settings.


Ensure consistency in applying the “User-friendly View with ‘Address’ hidden” setting across all views and check permissions in both Table A and Table B. If the problem still exist , review Table B’s view filters and linked record settings.

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