Signature field should lock row once signed or be removed if row is changed

I had a look at the new signature column type and was surprised that the row did not lock once the signature was in place. The column would not have any use to most people as the signature would be used to validate the information on the row. I would suggest that once the row is changed (other than another signature being added) the signature should be removed. This is typical for digital signatures on pdfs for instance.

There is no such auto-lock feature for signature columns.

And it does not make sense from my point of view. Imagine a signature column is part of a webform. With auto-locking, a base user would have to unlock the row everytime additional information must be added.

If you want to lock a row when a signature is added to a cell, you can create an automation rule that does that for you. (This is currently not supported, but it will be in the future.)

A signature is usually associated with the confirmation of information. Once the information is changed the signature must fall away and be signed again. It doesn’t have to lock the row, just show that it is invalidated. What is the point of a signature when all the information that accompanies it is changed. You would not be able to use that legally at all, and neither does it conform to the 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines for electronic signatures (which would be what we would need it for). It is then just a fancy picture?!

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Agreed. When a technican has a customer sign off on some work done, the customer declares “job done”. When you use a web form for a seminar registration and you sign the registration form, it is a stronger declaration of intent to participant in the seminar than without signature.

I disagree. It does not qualify as a handwritten signature, obviously. but it can be used for additional verification and confirmation.

This may be true or not true, because I don’t know the first thing about 21 CFR Part 11. I trust you when you say it is not. This said, we never said that we were compliant.

I am sorry if the signature column does not meet your needs. I think it is helpful for many others.

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