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Hello, I really like this project.

I’m wondering if there is an area that discusses the configuration of SMTP for notifications. I cannot seem to find the documentation. I did a search for “SMTP” in the web help page, but nothing was found.

So, then it doesn’t seem like notifications will work. If this is stored in a config file somewhere, I’m happy to poke around… with a bit of direction.


Do you use the cloud version or a self-hosted version?

We are using the self hosted built from the documentation on Ubuntu 18.04.

Hi jco3,

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You guessed right: Unless an SMTP is configured, SeaTable will not send any messages/notifications. SeaTable does not come bundled with a mail server. It rather uses an SMTP account on a remote mail server to relay messages.

Regarding configuration: Does this answer your question?

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Either would be fine with me. But I do not see any place where the SMTP account can be specified… and I cannot find anything in the documentation. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong help area.

A link would be sufficient if you can assist.

Hi jco3,

I am sorry. The bit about smtp configuration in my answer was a bit short and ambiguous.

Please have a look at the link burried in my answer. I am pretty sure that contains the info you need.

Ah… thank you. I will certainly bookmark that manual link.
Thank you!

Glad the linked helped!
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If I had any clue on how to mark as resolved… I would.