Social Media Automation to the hour possible?

I’m looking to post to social media for the base. I had it working in Airtable, where it would fire every hour and check whether a post was ready via make.

I am currently implementing a button via a webhook to post on Seatable; however, I would like to automate this somehow so that (at a minimum) every hour the records are checked if there is a post ready to a fire based on their date and hour.

I currently have an on premise and a cloud account.

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What do you miss to make it happen in SeaTable compared to Airtable?

Basically, want to set a date in seatable for a post so when that date and time come they post to social media automatically.

In Airtable, I was able to do a formula that did this accurately to the hour.

Now I have done some tinkering since then and have been brushing up on my python.

Optimally, I would like to schedule a python script to run based on the date from an updated row/new row. This is a bit tricky, but the final form I want.

So, for now, I’m capable of having a script and schedule it to pull from Airtable and then send it via webhook to make/n8n etc…

Currently, I have set for base.list_rows() that get the last 100, but this is not optimal as this relies on numerous checks on each record returned for the date and only allow 100 rows into the future. I know I can increase this, but this is just adds more checking for each date and row pulled, which just seems unoptimized way of doing it.

I’m currently trying to use the SQL query, but I am running to Connection Error
[Errno 405] . I haven’t submitted help on this yet as I want to do a bit more trial and error first before I ask for help, but I figured to mention it now if anyone has suggestions.

Let’s see if I got it right. You create new rows with a specific publish date like 10/30/2022 16:00. An hourly script should identify this row and post it to some social network?

If thats the case, you could create a formula column “Post now” like…

Containing formula:

date(year({Publish date}), month({Publish date}), day({Publish date})) = today(), 
hour({Publish date}) = hour(now())

This returns true or false in case it fits the current hour. Then you create a new view with a filter on the row “Post now” that only shows “Publish now” = true (ist gleich = equals).


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