SQL subquery support?

Hi everyone !
I didn’t manage to use SQL subqueries in Seatable, either using the SQL query plugin or with python scripts. If I write parenthesis, I get a parse error (unexpected “(” ), and if I don’t I get a parse error (unexpected select). Do you know how I can solve this problem ?
Thanks a lot !

Hi @bennhatton.

SeaTable has his “own” SQL Syntax. You can read the reference here: SQL Reference - SeaTable Programming Manual

Thank you for your answer, I saw this page before I posted the subject because there is no information about subqueries on it…

I think you are trying to connect two tables without a reference column and trying to get values on this way. That is not how it works, unfortunately.

I believe this is something SeaTable will not support. Your only chance is to create a reference column and manually select the referencing value from the other column. Then you can select the column from the other table.

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