SSL from letsencrypt and new installation procedure

Good morning. I have a question, regarding installation and SSL:
I followed the procedure here: SeaTable-Server - SeaTable Admin Manual

I use a strato vserver with a registered domain and I already did certbot and have the certificates in /etc/letsencrypt/live/domain/

In older installation manuals, I found references to letsencrypt, nginx config etc.

So I have two questions:

  1. how to make the right adjustments to nginx.conf, so it uses my certificates and not only listens to port 80?

  2. how to restart the server, so the config file gets not overwriten? Yes, I am a docker noob…

Your explanation is not precise: did you a fresh install or did you an upgrade?

No, it was a fresh install, using the method mentioned.
The nginx is the one included in the install.
After install, the page was not reachable. So i figured, of course, there are no ssl certificates, installed certbot and got some.

Question remaining is how to make seatable server ( i suppose the included nginx) use them.

I see, there should be something named caddy. Yet, there is nothing like that in the install or the composer files I pulled.

Please read the manual or watch introduction videos…

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