Start SeaTable Cloud from your desktop

We have released SeaTable 1.8.4 today on, and have enabled a new feature: You can save SeaTable as a desktop web app!

Here’s how:

  1. Open in Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser and log in;

  2. To the right of the address bar, you’ll see this button:

  3. Click on it and follow the simple steps.

Now, SeaTable is installed as a desktop web app for you!


You can fix it to the task bar, or create a desktop shortcut. Next time when you start your computer, you can directly click on this icon to open SeaTable in a special window without opening your browser first.


available in the Dev Edition selfhosted too ?? if not, is it planned ?

It is included in the DE 1.8 version!

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Indeed, sorry.
I’m using a chromium based browser (Vivaldi) and it was not showing.
Launching Chrome did the trick, I can see the app now.

If you do not like Chrome, perhaps the latest Microsoft Edge can help? I tested with Edge and it showed up, too. Edge uses chromium engine, though…