Storage space up to 100 GB - Possible to expand?

Dear All,

is Seatable able to host over 100 GB of storage space or is this the absolute maximum possible?

As we want to store pictures to our projects we will increase this volume sooner or later.

Is there any kind of solution for this problem?

Hi and thank you for your inquiry.

For the SeaTable Cloud solution, 100GB is the maximum. More storage is only possible if you choose a Dedicated Cloud solution. For that, please contact our sales team.

However, there are two other options:

  1. from version 4.0 (will be released soon) it will be possible to connect SeaTable to a SeaFile Library. So you can easily connect your files with your Base. Then the file size of the images will no longer count against the 100GB limit.

  2. you can add images uploaded to e.g. Dropbox as a link in the link column.

I hope I could answer your questions.

Kind regards

In another post, you revealed that you store your files on a network drive.

In this case, I’d seriously consider migrating your data from your NAS to Seafile and then use the integration with SeaTable. This solves the above problem and gives you tons of extra features. If you want to know more, please contact us at

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