Storing Outlook Mail.Body to formatted Text column


I have a strange problem:

When storing an outlook mail body via VBA to a formatted text column, I need to convert it to ascii, in order to prevent all the line breaks, quotation marks and other charactars from breaking the JSON, It actually works. The data gets stored, but with a big BUT:


This is how it looks in the table.
However, when I click on it, it opens regularly:


And when I add a line break by pressing ENTER, the entry gets updated and all out of a sudden it looks valid in the table as well:


So, how to fix that?
Is there a better way to convert a VBA Outlook Mailitem.body Object to text, that actually can get stored via API?

&83; and &101; are ASCII codes. Therefore, this is not a SeaTable Problem but a strange way how you store the data.

Please decode your input from ASCII to normal chars before storing it to the long text column. Or use a solution that supports such a transformation like

Of course it is not a seatable problem. Yet, it is an API usage problem, someone here might have a sollution for.

Everything else aside, the question is valid vor many cases of seatable API usage:

How to encapsulate convoluted strings with all kind of characters into a valid JSON transferable String?

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