Submit button on forms must be editable/translatable

On a form, we can have everything in our own language, except the “Submit” button. This is very important for international users, who doesn’t use English as a main language.
My sugestion is that the text of the “Submit” button can be editable, so users can translate it to any language.


Hi, thanks for your post! SeaTable has German, English, French, Russian, and Chinese versions. You can choose your language in the Personal Settings.

The language of the submit button is determined by your settings then. If you send your form to other people who are not logged into SeaTable, they’ll see the button in their browser’s language. If their browser’s language is not one of the 5 languages above, it’ll be English.

So it’s a nice feature request to be able to customize this button!

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Sorry for intruding into the conversation/question.

@Karlheinz, are you considering asking the community for help to have SeaTable in other languages? Or is this not even on the radar for updates/implementations?

I came across the same point as @joaojesus, having the ability to set up a different language would save a lot of time as we wouldn’t need another software to collect data from people that don’t speak the languages supported by SeaTable.

For example, at the moment, I’ll probably have to use Google Forms to collect data on Sheets, import it to Seatable then fix or organize the collected data. (Also I can’t ignore that SeaTable forms are far more readable/intuitive than Google Forms.)

I hope my reply doesn’t sound rude or like I’m complaining about SeaTable, It’s a fantastic software.

Thank you for your help and attention!

I’m sorry for any inconvenience!

Hello @dcbn thanks for your post and offer! Which languages do you speak? We are happy to have people help us with more languages for SeaTable. In fact, the Russian version is a contribution of another user from this very forum some months ago.

Actually, I ended up thinking about it after seeing the response of @cdb on @akirichenko topic, where he mentioned transifex and also posted an image of the strings.

Although I might be being hasty, apparently the strings are not that complex and I think I could handle it, but I wouldn’t hesitate to speak up in case I can’t handle it properly (after seeing what the strings are).

My native language is Brazilian Portuguese, but I also speak English.

Thank you for your help and attention!

I’m sorry for any inconvenience!

As soon as it is possible, if you could please tell me if my offer of help would be helpful, I would appreciate it, I ask because I am trying to teach some older people who are not so familiar with technology to use SeaTable and they do not master the English language, so the native language would help them understand the usage.

Thank you for your help and attention!

I’m sorry for any inconvenience!

Thanks a lot for your offer. We appreciate your willingness to contribute.

At this point, we don’t want to add any additional languages. Handling multiple languages is not super straightforward (not technically, but logistically) and we don’t see that we can bear any more complexity at this point.

Thanks again for offering to contribute!