Survey: which python package do you need for your python scripts

Dear Community and Python Scripting Experts,

We’re presently engaged in updating and enhancing the Python scripting environment, scheduled for release with v4.3. Now we’d like to pose a question to the community:

We are currently working on some updates and improvements of the python scripting environment. These changes will be ready with v4.3. This is the perfect time to ask the community the following question:

Which Python libraries are essential for your scripting needs?

Currently, we support these third party libraries:

With version 4.3, we’re also introducing OpenAI.

What else would you require? Which Python packages could assist in resolving your challenges? Please provide the Python package name along with a brief description of its intended use within your script.

Thank you for your valuable input!


So, I use the following libraries:

  • qrcode: for generating qrcodes :sweat_smile:
  • ldap3 to import ldap users into a table, or to interact with an LDAP server
  • pyperclip for the copy and paste clipboard functions.

How do you use copy-and-past clipboard functions in your python-scripts in SeaTable? :thinking:

Local QR Code generation via Python would be great!

My apologies, I had tested with the pyperclip library which did not work, so I am using JavaScript for this purpose.

like this code:

// Récupérer la table
const table = base.getTableByName('TEST');

// Récupérer la ligne active
const row = base.context.currentRow;

// Récupérer la valeur de la colonne "Name"
const name = row["Name"];

// Copier la valeur dans le presse-papier
navigator.clipboard.writeText(name).then(() => {
    // Afficher un message pour indiquer que la valeur a été copiée
    output.markdown(`La valeur de la colonne "Name" a été copiée dans le presse-papier pour la ligne active.`);
}, () => {
    // Gérer les erreurs
    output.markdown(`Erreur lors de la copie de la valeur dans le presse-papier.`);

Thanks for the survey.

How about this? Vega-Altair is a declarative visualization library for Python. Its simple, friendly and consistent API, built on top of the powerful Vega-Litegrammar, empowers you to spend less time writing code and more time exploring your data.

I miss the Vega-lite plug-in present in Airtable. It could help seatable staying as a low code tool.

Hey yye347,

SeaTable Cloud:

QR Code generation is already possible at I just updated the documentation at Here are some examples how to use the qrcode or barcode with python.
Examples - SeaTable Developer Manual

SeaTable Server (self-hosted):

The documentation at does not contain the newest installation method and therefore does not contain qrcode yet. The documentation will be updated with v4.3.

Best regards

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Hey amartin,
so you want that the these packages are available at the python runner image?

  • altair
  • vega_datasets

How would you use this? Would you generate the json object from seatable, then use vega-altair to generate a chart and then save the chart to SeaTable? Is that what you want?

Hello Christoph,

For now, it would be wonderful to get a pandas dataframe with SeaTable data and then generate a chart using the Altair library. Currently, this can only be done with a script outside of SeaTable. The chart could then be managed either inside or outside of SeaTable.

I haven’t learned React yet and I’m not able to create an add-on like the one available in Airtable, but it would be great to start with an approach that allows visualizing some charts along with the SeaTable data.

Thank you for considering it as an option.

Can you explain what is missing in the statistics Plugin of SeaTable?

I tried to test the statistics and the rest plugins available, including the universal app builder. I must have something wrong with my browsers, since I can’t get the plugins to show texts in the windows. Either they are in beta or my free subscription doesn´t allow me to see them correctly.

As I can see in the capture above, the statistics plugin seems powerful enough for me. I’ll keep trying to get it to work. The altair module for python is probably not necessary in most cases.

Thanks for your interest.


  • Check the browser console for errors
  • Disable browser plugins
  • Use a different browser

What about micropip? That way you can have basically everything you will ever need.

I checked out micropip, a ‘Python package installer for the web.’ First thought: cool! But then, thinking about it more, there are security worries because of the lack of control. So, probably we gonna skip adding micropip into the Python runner.