Sync dataset not updating if changes are made

Hello, I realize an issue with sync common dataset.

At my common data set, the leave duration is 0.5

when i create a new table using common dataset, the values are correct. however, if i “accidentally” make change to leave duration from 0.5 to 1 as shown below.

and when i manually sync the data again as shown below, the leave duration does not change back to 0.5

This is not a bug, this is the intended design.

A common dataset (CDS) is only synced when the source table was changed. Before moving data around, the sync algorithm checks if there have been any changes since the last sync. This is a measure to save system resources. The sync process is resource-heavy.

In order to prevent imported columns from being accidently modified, please lock them using the column permissions.

Hello @rdb thanks for your explanation. I am using developer edition, so i guess i could not lock the columns…

Column permissions are part of the advanced permissions, so no, you cannot lock columns.

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