Synchronize data between two tables

Hello, I’ve just started using SeaTable and I think it’s a great tool.
Here’s my question:

I have a database with a prospecting table containing customer information.
On the other hand, I have a database with all my business contacts.
My goal would be to be able to ensure that when I create or update a customer in my prospecting table, it creates or updates the contact in my business contacts table.

This way I don’t have to enter the data twice and I avoid errors.

I know that it’s not possible to link the databases together, so if I need to, I can transfer my business contact table to the same database as my prospecting table.

I hope I’ve made my explanations clear.

Thank you in advance for your help.

PS: I have no programming skills.

Hi Clermain,

and welcome to the SeaTable Forum!

Fortunately, you don’t need any programming skills for this case, because that’s exactly what SeaTable’s common data sets are for.

You can find an explanation of what the common data sets are and how you can use them here.

You can easily link the two bases with each other and only have to maintain the data in one place.

Hello and thank you for your reply.
I’ve read about common data sets but the option is greyed out in my databases because I only have one user and I think you need at least two users in the group to create a common data set.

The only requirement is that you are the owner or administrator of the group, the number of members is not relevant.
Here is the relevant information once again:

Thanks to your help I was able to create a common data set.
Unfortunately, I can’t get the results I want.
I’m having trouble implementing the solution I’m looking for.

I’m not sure that my request is possible in SeaTable.

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