Templates in Enterprise Edition (self-hosted)


I just installed Seatable Enterprise Edition on-premise (i.e. on our own server).

There is a template I like on the Seatable website: https://seatable.io/en/vorlage/pwl4sfutr06dstr9amtlag/

Is there a way to get this template into my self-hosted Seatable?

Thank you very much.

Absolutely. More info here: Templates and manual - SeaTable Admin Manual

Thank you @rdb!

I figured out a much simpler approach (the instructions about templates in the manual above are pretty difficult to follow for a newbie like me):

  1. Look for a template on Templates - SeaTable
  2. Open the template page and click on the “Preview” button
  3. Now, inside the Preview, simply click the “Export” button in the upper right corner of the screen
  4. This will export a .dtable file
  5. Now, inside your own self-hosted Seatable, click on “Add a Base”
  6. Select “Import from File”, and then select the file you downloaded above

That’s it :slight_smile:

Actually, we were talking about two different things. Sorry, I didn’t read your question precisely.

You wanted to import an template from the template store into your self-hosted SeaTable Server.

The document I gave you a link for is for setting up your own template store on your self-hosted SeaTable Server. Imagine you need the same kind of base over and over again. You’d want add a draft of this base to your own template store. Next time you need it, you click on “add base” > hit “create base from template” > select the template and, boom, there it is.

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