Text column clipped at 10,000 characters

Starting at some point last month, when we upload data to a Text column using the SeaTable API (base.update_row(...)), the uploaded text gets clipped at 10,000 characters. We think this only started happening last month (maybe with the update to SeaTable Cloud to v4.0?) and only occurs when uploading data using the API, not when pasting data into the column using the browser UI.

Is this a limit that was always meant to be present but not enforced before, or is this a bug? I cannot immediately find anything related to a Text column character limit in the SeaTable documentation, only about a limit on the number of characters for the “Formatted Text” column type.


I’m experiencing the same issue.

Since version 4.0, we added more strict check for value in different column types. Because we find that unexpected long value in cells will make the base value large and cause system crash.

For text, the limit is 10,000 characters, for long text, the limit is 100,000 characters.

Another limitation is that, when the whole base’s size exceed 200MB, the base will reject adding new records. (In this case, you can use big data storage feature to archive records to reduce the size of a base.)

Ok, that explains the behavior we’re seeing. In that case, a couple of questions and suggestions (if you hadn’t considered those already):

  • Where is this 10,000 character limit documented (and the 200MB base limit, for that matter)?
  • Where do I find the current size of a base?
  • I don’t think the base.update_row operation should return success (200) if the result is clipped cell content. That’s basically a silent failure.
  • Shouldn’t this behavior be consistent between API and GUI, as with the long text 100,000-character limit?

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