The table was not found

i deployed the community project on my server , and i can get the access token and so on ;when i use the access token and the dtable_uuid to request the url /dtable-server/api/v1/dtables/:dtable_uuid/views/ it return the table was not found ,but i can find the table from my database why?

Edited later:

  1. The dtable_uuid is in a correct format;
  2. The table_name should be the name of your table (which is inside your base), but not the name of your base.

This should work! If not, just let me know!

i did it as you said but i got message was ‘{“error_msg”:“You don’t have permission to get data from the current table.”}’ why ?

Would you provide more detail? Can you post your API call here? (hide your auth token or access token, etc.)

$ curl -H ‘Authorization: Token mytoken’活动询盘客户管理

Just tested, and this part is not right! The dtable_uuid without ‘-’ should be the correct one, so the sample request was right! Sorry!

So you should use 7f7dc9c7187a4d9fb6cfff5e5019a6d5 :joy:

And for the table_name : it looks like you have used a base name, not a table name:

Screenshot from 2020-12-17 11-48-18

This call works:

curl --location --request GET \
 '' \
--header 'Authorization: Token <my base's access token>'

Thank you for your prompt reply ,follow your advice i had sovled the problem

Glad to help! Feel free to come back any time if you have further questions.

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