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Hello Team,

As far as we understood if we would like to use SMTP we have two ways:

We used Amazon SES.
SES is well configured for system notifications, we received these ones without issues.

We have tried to implement it via the Third party option, but when we sent an email we have the following error (dtable_event_message):

[WARNING] Email sending failed. email: A**************P, error: (501, b'Invalid MAIL FROM address provided

It’s easily explained because Amazon request a verified “FROM” address, which is not the case of the IAM user used.
That’s the main difference with the configuration used in dtable_web as we can specify a FROM user.

Questions have been already raised : Add Email Sender Name

Did you have any workaround option that would allow us to use the feature please ?

Thanks !

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Thanks for highlighting this issue again. Unfortunately, there is no easy workaround.

We’ve added it to our high priority list.

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A reply-to parameter was added in SeaTable 3.3 to the “Third-party account” dialog.

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