Timeline - Line structure & more options for "Block labeled by"


I’d like to use the timeline plugin as a resource planning overview for course management.

The structure shall be as follows:
One resource (coach) per line, hosting one or potentially two courses at a time.
I dont want each course as a single “sub”-line (similar to Gantt chart) but to be consecutive. In the (rare) case that one person hosts two courses simultaneously the courses should be displayed below each other (like in calender view).
Am I missing something or is it not possible (yet)?

Furthermore the “Block labeled by” seems to only allow few column types and only one at a time. (text and single select?)
For a good overview more options for “Block labeled by” would be appreciated! At least formula fields (where I can combine more than one column) or the option to have multiple labels which can also be switched in their order.
Is this planned for future development?

Example (cp. Airtable) for both:

BR Paul

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I’ll second that. It would be immensely helpful if you have the opportunity to display several entries regarding one unifying parameter.

For example you have timelines for every Team member and can see all the little projects in one horizontal swimlane. Now as far as i know there is no possibility to do this in the timeline view.

Instead it always shows the entries rather like a GANNT diagram one swimlane per entry.

So plus on for this feature!

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