[Timeline plugin] Can't select Formula type column in Start date or End date

Hi everyone,
While trying to use the timeline plugin, I discovered that I can only select columns of “Date” type in the Start date or End date settings. However, columns of type “Formula” should be selectable (eventually adding a test to ensure that the output value is a date)


Hi, you are right, the Timeline is behaving like in your description. I would rather say, this is a feature request, instead of a bug report :smile:

This is a limitation of most plugins at this point: In the maps plugin, the address field cannot be a formula field.

We are working on it!

Hi Benjamin, you already know from my other post that SeaTable 2.2 has been rolled out. An upgrade to the timeline plugin was also part of the package. Would you do me the favor and test?

Hi Ralf,
Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, the problem seems to be still present with version 2.2 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

** Scratch head **

I’ll get back to you.

Hi @bennhatton , are you using self-hosted or the SeaTable Cloud? If self-hosted, you can update your plugin from the market.seatable.io/plugins now, as we just upgraded the Timeline plugin there and formula type column can be used in start/end dates.

If you use the cloud, we are updating the plugin now and it will be available later today. I’ll inform you here when it’s done.

Hi @bennhatton , I’m happy to inform that we have updated the Timeline plugin and now you should be able to select formula date type!

Hi @Karlheinz,
Thanks for the good news, I can tell that it’s working now, great !!


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