Tip for importing data from Airtable: simple solution to the Date problem

Airtable in free version does not allow the export of the base in xlsx format. Only export in csv format is possible. This format does not save the Date type of a column whereas the Excel format allows it. In CSV, all the columns of a database are taken over in A Text format and modifying a text as a date does not work in Seatable. A good way to solve these type problems is to save your CSV file under Google Drive, make the type modifications for each column then download the Google Spreadsheet to your disk before importing it into Seatable then choose the format date that suits you. I hope it can help you. nice day

Thanks for the tip.

There is another tip for people looking for ways to migrate data from Airtable to SeaTable: The Airtable-SeaTable migration script

My pleasure. The idea was rather to complete this article Tips and tricks when importing CSV or XLSX files for users who do not want to use the script management solution in Python.

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