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I think “Recherche des tables” (in the search field) is a bad translation in French. I think it should be “Recherche dans toutes les tables”.

Thanks for taking the time to report this!

What do you think of “Rechercher dans tous les tableaux”? I suggest “tableaux” rather than “tables” because “tableau” the common translation for the english “table”.

Talking about the translation of the search boxes, what do you think of the translation in the search box on the home page:
Is this a good translation? Contrary to the search function in the base, this search function only looks for the search term in the base names; it does not look inside the bases.


You’re welcome. Seatalbe is a great EUROPEAN solution, free for us. It’s normal we help a bit…

“Rechercher dans toutes les tableaux” is more logic as “tableaux” is used in Seatable. Ideally I would put “recherhez dans toutes les feuilles” as for me each “tableau” is the same as a sheet in excel…

For the translation of the search box it is a good translation from my point of view.

Happy to hear!

I hear you, feuille is the term used in Excel. But we try to avoid the term “sheet” in English, so I’d also like to avoid the term “feuille” in French.

So you think “Rechercher dans toutes les tableaux” is good. But, my French is a bit rusty, isn’t the article wrong? Le tableau est masculin. Voilà, ne faudrait-il pas dire “tous les tableaux”?

YEs of course you’re right :slight_smile: Rechercher dans tous les tableaux

SeaTable 2.8 will include improved translations!

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