Tranfer Base to other account

Can I transfer a Base to another seatable account.

Background: I am leaving a company and there is a Base created on my account. I wish to transfer the Base so the data is safe and the company can continue using the base without me as creator/admin.
Is that possible? In a perfect world the shared users of that Base are preseved :slight_smile:


If your account will be deleted after you leave, then the solution can only be that the base is exported and imported by another user before you leave to avoid data loss. In this case the base has to be shared again by the new owner. This is because in SeaTable, the base has an owner and the owner cannot be changed.

If your account can be preserved, you can delete personal information and bases from it and hand it over to IT, this would be the easier solution. The superuser (system admin) can even change your name and contact email and reset the password so that the account can be used by a new user.

Hi KarlHeinz,

Thanks for your quick reply and giving two options.

  1. The account cannot be deleted because it is my personal account. This option is an Export of the Base and import it by another user and share it again. Ok clear. BTW: I can’t export the base because it is larger than 100Mb.

  2. The base is currently in my personal account. Is this second option valid? I don’t understand what you mean by hand it over to IT. Can you clarify this option please?

Exporting to Excel is also an option, but I lose the attachments…

Any ideas would be welcome :slight_smile:

So by the second option I meant, you can give your account to another user. Let the system administrator change your account’s name and contact email address and reset the password and this account is kept but it doesn’t belong to you any more.

I don’t really understand your situation: You are leaving a company but this account is your personal account. Normally I don’t use my personal account for my job.

Or you can copy the base to a group, and the people in that group will automatically get access to the base. This method is legit because your account will not be deleted: the only disadvantage is that you’ll always have permission to that group, if it’s OK for your former employer.

I was trying to simplify thing, but shouldn’t do that, just making it more complicated :grinning:

I work at a consultancy firm. I have setup a temporary table with some data for a client of our firm. Before you know it the table is a crucial peace of information for the client. (nothing more permanent than a temporary solution:-))

Now we are ending our work for the client and the client wants to keep using the datatable in Seatable.
The table was made with my consultancy firm account and now I want to transfer is to a new account of our client.

Hope this makes more sense…

Export and import looks like the easiest way, but the base is larger than 100Mb. Any work around?

Now I fully understand your situation - thanks for the explanation.

Now, for your situation: You have your own team (organization) and the client has their own team (organization), right? You can then generate an Invite link for the base and send it to your client. The Invite link is designed for cross-team (cross-organization) cooperation.


As soon as they open the link, this base will appear in their “Shared to me” workspace. They can then copy the base to their own library.

The pre-condition of an invite link is: your team and your client’s team are in the same system, for example, both on

Sounds like a plan!
I will give it a try. Thank you very much for the quick and clear answers, just great!!!

You are welcome. If you could solve it with this solution, you can mark this topic as resolved.

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