Transfer ownership of table


We’ve been using SeaTable for approximately six months now, and during my internship, I was the first in our team to create some bases in SeaTable. I’ve recently been hired as a full-time employee, and now we need to transfer all the bases.

I came across information on that mentions, as of 3/20/2023, direct transfer of ownership from one user to another is not possible. However, it suggests an indirect method by exporting a base and having the new owner import it.

I’m curious to know if this feature has been implemented since 3/20/2023. If not, are there any plans to add this feature in the near future? This information is crucial for us as we have numerous bases that require transfer, and if the feature is on the roadmap, I’d prefer not to spend time on exporting and importing.

There is no direct route to transfering a base from a user to another user or group. Sorry.

The approach detailed in the docs is the recommended way.

Just to add this: ideally, you transfer your bases to a group to manage access. Another plus: group ownership can be transferred.

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