Trouble installing 4.3 on Debian

I have a brand new install of Debian 12. I am installing Seatable by the new admin guide. The first issue I had was that the Caddy package would not install because it said a port was in use. I have Apache listening on ports 80/443 so that was the conflict. I changed apache to ports 81/444 and then I was able to successfully install Seatable with all Docker installs currently working and healthy.

HOWEVER, my website will not load. When I go to my URL it just spins and then after 20 seconds it says:

Secure Connection Failed

An error occurred during a connection to Peer reports it experienced an internal error.


The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.
Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.

this seems to be some sort of SSL issue. I went to /opt/seatable-server/ssl and there are no files in there. I’m thinking that Let’s Encrypt did not install for some reason.

Any ideas on how I might troubleshoot this. I am so close to finishing, I just need this last port or SSL issue resolved.

thank you,

I have problems to follow you:

  1. You write “on a brand new Debian12”, but why is Apache running?
  2. With “Website” you mean SeaTable?

By the way there should be no files in /opt/seatable-server/ssl because caddy is doing the SSL termination and not the SeaTable container anymore.

Please clarify, then I could try to help you.

When I installed Debian I installed Gnome as well as “Web Server” and “SSH Server”. I had a feeling the Web Server was interfering with Caddy, so I went back in reinstalled Debian with only Gnome, no other services. I thought I would need a Web Server (I guess Debian uses Apache) to direct incoming traffic to my hostname , but I think that is what Caddy is doing. I’m not familiar with Caddy which is why I was confused; i’m not sure if it is a reverse proxy or a full blown web server.

UPDATE - so after the fresh install and not installing Apache, I am able to reach my SeaTable without any issue.

Related Topic - What happens if I want to host websites on my Debian box in the future? Won’t I need to install Apache and won’t it conflict again with Caddy?

Thank you,
Mark (newbie to Linux but eager to learn)

The requirements are unambiguous (Requirements - SeaTable Admin Manual):

  • Linux-Server with Root-Shell
  • Public domain pointing to your server
  • Open Ports for HTTP and HTTPS access (probably more ports for other components)
  • The ports should not be already in use by another proxy such as NGINX or Apache

If the requirements are not met, you should not be surprised if it does not work.

Following the instructions pays off :wink:

Last comment: setting up a SeaTable Server is not difficult. But we only recommend the operation of a production SeaTable Server to experienced Linux Admins. If you don’t know what you are doing, you risk losing all your data.

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