Trying to link a column in one table to another table but not working

The name of the other table I want to link to does not appear in the “Select table to link” field. The only table name that appears in this field is the name of the table I’m in. How to fix this? Thanks.

Both tables are in the same folder.

Your video on this shows the name of the remote table appearing in the field. I don’t see that. How can I get my remote table name to appear in this field?


I would like to refer you to our help article on linking tables: How to link tables in SeaTable - SeaTable

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me.

Hi m3110w,

Columns from two separate bases in a directory cannot be linked to each other.

Columns with a link to another table only exist within a base (database). A base can comprise several tables (sheets) that can be referenced with each other.

Greetings, Andreas

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