Tutorial: check if a date is in the future

Currently, SeaTable does not offer a validation of date columns. But sporadically, I want to see if a date value is in the future. Here is a simple way to validate this input with a formula-column and this is how it looks like:


The date_check checks for three things: (of course this could be extended as much as you like)

  • if date is not filled, return -
  • if date is in the future, return future
  • else, return ok

Here is the formula I used in date_check:
if({date}, if( dateDif({date}, today()) < 0, "future", "ok"), "-")

Hint: if you think an automation (Enterprise only) can be used to “clear the date input”, I have to disappoint you. Formula columns cannot be monitored by an automation. But an idea was already submitted to add such a validation into SeaTable core: SeaTable Feature Requests Board.