Tutorial: Install Seatable developer edition on Terramaster NAS TOS 5.1+

Seatable is a good software and as a token of appreciation i am sharing the steps to Install Seatable developer edition on Terramaster NAS TOS 5.1+

This a guide for installing the seatable developer edition on Terramaster NAS device with TOS version 5.1 and above.
This guide is for those who will run seatable on local ip ( for example or During installation you can decide if you will use port 80 or a different port. If you will not use port 80 then then you need to modify dtable_web_settings.py file as explained in the guide below. This guide assumes that you have docker manager app installed in your Terramaster NAS as it is highly recommended. You can install docker from application option of Terramaster. This tutorial also assumes that you will not use port 443.

Step 1 : Login in to your Terramaster NAS and go to network setting. Turn on SSH and change SSH port number to 22. Then save/apply. You will need Terramaster NAS admin username, password and IP address in the next steps to do SSH from another computer. For this example i shall use username=pink password=mellow ip=

Step 2 : Using another computer with windows or Ubuntu SSH in to you Terramaster NAS. Here i will use Ubuntu 22+ version for instructions.

Step 3 : Open terminal in the ubuntu. Write the following code to terminal to unblock port 22 and it will used to communicate with Terramaster
sudo ufw allow 22

Step 4: type the following to login in to Terramaster.
sudo ssh pink@

it will ask you first Ubuntu root password (as it is a sudo command) and then it will next ask password for pink which is mellow.

After you have entered the password it will login in to Terramaster NAS as a root(admin) user.

Step 5: Now you can check first if docker is installed already or not by typing the following in the terminal.
docker -v

if docker is installed then it will show docker version. If not then go back to your Terramaster and install docker application from its application store.

Step 6: Pull the SeaTable image from Docker Hub by using following command
docker pull seatable/seatable-developer:latest

It is 2 GB size image and it will take some time based on your internet speed.

Step 7: Download the docker-compose.yml sample file into SeaTable’s directory and modify the file to fit your environment and settings. Use the following command. Copy and paste one line at a time and press enter.

mkdir /opt/seatable
cd /opt/seatable
wget -O “docker-compose.yml” “https://manual.seatable.io/docker/Developer-Edition/docker-compose.yml

Step 8: docker-compose.yml has already downloaded but Terramaster has no nano app to edit this docker compose file. In Terramaster NAS preinstalled app to edit yml file is called vi.
To edit the docker-compose.yml file in vi , run this command

vi docker-compose.yml

Now using you arrows keys on your keyboard and
change the PASSWORD
change the seatable port from 80 to 7677 (as an example port) Incase you will not change por number then skip step 9 & 10.
change the time zone if you want
change hostname to ( in this example)
Delete the line containing port 443

To save the changes Press ESC button keyboard then type :x and then press enter.
The file will be save and you will go back to terminal.

Step 9: Now we will navigate to conf folder which is a subfolder of seatable. Inside this conf folder is dtable_web_settings.py file present that we need to edit. type the following to open the conf folder

cd /opt/seatable/seatable-data/seatable/conf

Step 10: type dir and it will show all the files in the conf folder. dtable_web_settings.py will be present in that list.
Now type following command to edit dtable_web_settings.py

vi dtable_web_settings.py


for dtable-server


for dtable-web


for dtable-db


for seaf-server


To save change Press ESC button keyboard then type :x and then press enter.
The file will be save and you will go back to terminal.

Step 11: Now we need to run the docker compose. so we will go back to following directory

cd /opt/seatable

In terramaster NSA the correct command to run docker compose command is as follows

docker-compose up

Wait for a while. When you see This is an idle script (infinite loop) to keep container running. in the output log, the database has been initialized successfully. Press keyboard CTRL + C

Step 12: Run docker compose again, this time in detached mode:

docker-compose up -d

Step 13: Now you can start SeaTable by using the following command
docker exec -d seatable /shared/seatable/scripts/seatable.sh start

Step 14: create the first admin user
docker exec -it seatable /shared/seatable/scripts/seatable.sh superuser

It will ask you to enter email address for admin user
Then it will ask you to enter new password for admin user twice.

Step 15: Access the seatable server by opening firefox browser on you ubuntu to make sure its is functional.

It will show you login page. use admin username and password that you entered in the step 14.
Create a new base and open it and add small data then save it. Then go to homepage and open base again to make sure that data was saved and displayed properly.

Hopefully by this time your server is up and running.


Thanks for sharing. Please be aware that this manual uses the old installation approach using one single docker-compose.yml. This is not the recommend installation method any longer. (since February 2024 or version 4.3)
Please refer to https://admin.seatable.io for the latest recommended installation method.

Thank you.

My server is local only on
(no https and no domain name)

In the new method of installation how can i change the port to 5588?

Can you guide please?

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