Tutorial - Use API in Postman and convert into every language!

Tutorial Postman

1. Import curl command into Postman


As an example I use auth ping(SeaTable Docs):

curl -H 'Authorization: Token 24fd3c026886e3121b2ca630805ed425c272cb96' https://cloud.seatable.io/api2/auth/ping/


  1. Open Postman
  2. and click on Import->Raw Text
  3. Then Continue
  4. And Import

3. Use Postman

You can now click on send button and check if everything has worked, if yes everything will be output in json format.

Covert API into every language

  1. Click on code and now you can convert it to all languages.

All support languages

Language Variant
C libcurl
C# RestSharp
Dart http
Go Native
Java OkHttp
Java Unirest
JavaScript Fetch
JavaScript jQuery
JavaScript XHR
NodeJs Axios
NodeJs Native
NodeJs Request
NodeJs Unirest
Objective-C NSURLSession
OCaml Cohttp
PHP pecl_http
PHP HTTP_Request2
PowerShell RestMethod
Python http.client
Python Requests
Ruby Net:HTTP
Shell Httpie
Shell wget
Swift URLSession

I hope that this will be included in the docs and help others already!

Thanks a lot, I believe this could help a lot of our users, not only to understand SeaTable API better, but also find out more integration possibilities!

i have spent a lot of time myself and hope that i can help many people through the post

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Definitely! At the meantime, we are revising our API documentation since this month, and will hopefully finish in the next 1-2 weeks. By then, the SeaTable API documentation will be much better and easier to use.

Hey Martiking,
we switched to postman for the SeaTable API testing and documentation. You find the new API reference at https://api.seatable.io.
Best regards

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