Unable to find the option to create Data Collection Forms

New User having issues with forms

I used the association template to create my database. I’m now done with the backend tables and looking to design forms. However, when I click on new form I only get the option of Traditional form. No option to create a collection form shows.

How can I create collection forms? This is a very important use case for our system.

Thank you

Hey WET,

we decided to hide data collection forms via css about two weeks ago because we had to explain this feature over and over again and it always created a lot of confusion. Because a data collection form is a view with the filter “show only entries of the current logged in user”. Thats it.

Concretely this means that already existing data collection forms still work but we hide the possibility to create such a new form.

From our perspective, the data collection form can be build much better with the help of the custom sharing permission. Create a column “Creator” in a table and create a view with the filter “include the current user”. This view can now be shared with other users and groups.


The user will find such a shared base directly on his start page and does not have to search for any URL. At the same time, I find this approach much more intuitive than a data collection form.

If you really want to use data collection form, just remove the display: none with the Google console.

Best regards,

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