"Unable to get latest plugins from SeaTable plugin market" on SeaTable Enterprise Self-hosted

Everything is in the title : on the last version, when accessing the plugins page of the system admin, I get this error message : Unable to get latest plugins from SeaTable plugin market.
If I click the Import plugin form market, the plugin market popup window displays the message “No plugins”. Should I install the plugins manually ?
And if that’s the case, how ? When I go to https://market.seatable.io/, I see this JSON response :

url	"market.seatable.io"
description	"market for SeaTable plugins"
download_from	"https://cloud.seatable.io/dtable/view-external-links/custom/plugins/"

But when I go to https://cloud.seatable.io/dtable/view-external-links/custom/plugins/ and try to download a plugin (for example https://cloud.seatable.io/workspace/939/asset-preview/15056671-d87e-4a00-88cb-e0068c9e6564/files/2024-01/page-design-1.2.20.zip) I get a Permission denied. error message.
Did I missed something with the plugin installation process ?


If you have the error message: Unable to get latest plugins from SeaTable plugin market you use an early version of the new yaml files. This file contained a security header that prevents the download of the plugins.

Update to the latest version of the yaml files and it will work. Just ran the update command as described here: How to upgrade - SeaTable Admin Manual

Direct download is desribed in the manual too:

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