Unable to share base with new users

I added a new user. Then went to share the database with them. But it’s just blank and no way to share it.

Tried refreshing. Nothing changes. I’m still able to use invite links and external links from the same window.

For now I created a share link (not sure if I should keep them as a user with sending a share link, and not sure if that is a good substitute for sharing the base with a user). We’re beginning our implementation/deployment phase. Thank you

Is this an isolated problem only affecting this base?

Please check the browser console and report here.

I only have one base at the moment. I added all the other users a few weeks ago using the same browser. I’m on safari on my ipad pro.

Hey WET,
we need additional information to clarify this issue. Please provide me either via the forum or via private message the base UUID, your team name etc… Currently, I cannot identify the base and therefore cannot help in any way.
Best regards

I may have a suggestion because I ran into the same problem at some point. The problem was related to content or ad-blockers that were activated on the page and recognizing some elements as cosmetic and therefore not displaying or hiding them. Not sure this is what’s going on on your side but worth a check maybe :wink:

It would also be super helpful to simply check if it is an isolated case affecting merely this one base or a general problem. So how about creating a second base and trying the same?

Also: The requested browser console output would be very helpful.

If I ask two things and none is being answered, I quit.

My apologies for the delay in responding.

I tried looking for these in the settings and team admin but couldn’t find them. Could you please guide me where to get his from? UUID, your team name. I can’t find team name anymore either I think it was WET team.

I tried making another base and the issue repeated. I tried deactivating my content blocker and that solved the issue. Now users are showing up.

Thank you

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