Understanding getColumnLinkId

I’m trying to use getColumnLinkId.
According to this documentation, getColumnLinkId expects a table name as its first argument.
However, when I try to pass it a table name, I get this error:

var column = columns.find(function (column) {
TypeError: columns.find is not a function

… and when looking at base.js, I see, at line 458:

value: function getColumnLinkId(columns, column_name) {
   var column = columns.find(function (column) {
     return column.name === column_name;

So the first parameter seems to be a column list, not a table name.

What am I missing?

There is an error in the API document. We have updated the document: update javascript link api doc by shuntian · Pull Request #69 · seatable/seatable-scripts · GitHub


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