Unique Column Value

Is it possible to define a column to be unique?
As one could do within SQLs DDL unique constraint.

Have a look at this. It works with boolen values but you could extend it to work with text values as well.
Unique default value in boolean (check box) column

Hey robkuz,
another possibility is to use an autonumber column and then lock the edition of this column (available only with plus or enterprise plan).

Step 1: create an auto number column

Step 2: edit column permissions (this requires SeaTable Plus)

Now you have a column with unique numbers.


in our case the ID is an external ID as it interfaces an external system.
So your solution wont work.

I must admit I am a bit stumped that one can neither use a unique constraint nor a required constraint on a column definition. For me this is a very important feature.

Thanks for your answer nonetheless

best regards

You can add your requirement as a feature request at https://ideas.seatable.io.

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