Universal app - adding page is stuck

we are using Seatable 4.3.1 on premis since yesterday.
Everything works fine so far.

Yesterday we tried the universal app builder for the frist time but when creating a new custom page the page is stuck in loading forever.

Is there some configuration we missed out?


Please update your system to the latest SeaTable version (4.3.10).

If the issue still persists, please contact us again.

@fsa Thank you for the tip - we will try to update to 4.3.10.
I will let you know if the issue is resolved.

Hey, we are on 4.3.10 - the selection is now displayed properly with preview Icons.
The individual page is still stuck - all other pages work.

We are using apache as reverse proxy, not caddy - might this be an issue?
Is there a need to add something to the config?

Please post the browser console.

Sorry, you are on your own.

This fixed our problem: The FILE_SERVER url needs “https” instead of “http” - as shown in the official docs.

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