Universal app Custom page empty when exporting to dtable / reimporting

Hi everyone,
I wanted to migrate a SeaTable base from the cloud to my hosted-version (enterprise), so I exported it to *.dtable and reimported it in the self-hosted instance.
Almost everything has been transferred correctly, apart from a universal app custom icon (no big deal) and, more annoying, a custom page in the same app that is completely empty (no elements at all on it).
Please tell me if something is planned about that in next version of Seatable (I can wait a bit before transferring my base for production), otherwise I can recreate it (no big deal neither except for the copy/paste bug in long text editors I just mentioned in this post about long texts).


Hi Benjamin,

Thanks for your message.

Does the described behavior with the custom page only occur when you import the DTABLE file from Cloud to your own server, or also when you export and import the file to Cloud?

There were no issues when I tested from Cloud to Cloud.

Hi Felix,
You’re right, I just made the test : everything works fine from Cloud to Cloud (even from one account to another) !

We checked the issue. There is a problem with the logic of checking the URL. It will be fixed in SeaTable 4.4

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