Universal app, form compiling, data visualisation


through the UNIVERSAL APP and using the FORM model, I created a booking page for events. Within the page the user can:

  • search in the database
  • create a new user

The page is publicly accessible so it is important to maintain privacy, avoiding showing sensitive data.

  • Searching for the user in the database (by name, surname, email or other) the result displayed is a unique user code. Once selected, the module updates as in the attached image. I don’t like the result, it’s unclear, but acceptable.

  • When creating a new user instead, no value/text or other information is shown. The result is misleading as it does not make it clear that the data has been entered correctly. From some tests, people are led to believe that something is wrong and try to create a user again.

How can I avoid this problem? It would be enough for me to display the unique user code, and/or a message of correct registration.

How can I do?

Thanks for the help

The display of linked records will be improved in SeaTable 4.1, scheduled for release mid-August.


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