Universal app - how to change settings to allow users to edit app

I have implemented an app that displays the results of a web form and the associated table used to make the web form. I would like to allow an external user to edit / update the app. How do I achieve this?
I have looked at this page (Seitenberechtigungen in einer Universellen App - SeaTable ) and can now allow a user to edit the table. However, there is a custom page containing statistic charts linked to the table. This can only be edited by the admin for the page. I would like to allow users to edit this page (such as to add charts).

Perhaps a better question is: how do I allow a user to add pages to an app?

This is not possible yet.

You can think you are the app developer. As a developer, you can use the app building page to build the layout of the app.

A normal user can only use the app you built. So they can not change the layout of the app.

Hi Daniel,

I understand. My question was more a wish than a query. “yet” gives me hope. :slight_smile:
I imagine a scenario where a certain amount of customisation within the app could be made available to the user.

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