Update table by using a form

I’m new to SeaTable and try to get familiar with it.
So I startet with a memder list. Now I created a form for the members so they can fill in their data to the member list.
So far this works very well.
Now I want the members to update their data, e.g. a new mobile number.
Is there a (easy) way to update data in the memders list table by using a form? I already tried the simpliest way: fill in the form with the same name of member the and only change e.g. the address but this creates a new row.
Or do I need to go into writing a scrip?
Thanks for info

Hi there, welcome to the SeaTable Forum.
In this case, what you need is rather a “Data collection table” than a “Traditional form”. When creating a new form, you can see the choice.

With Data Collection Table, each user that’s logged in can see and edit their already filled data. The pre-condition is, of course, that each member has a login.

Thanks for your quick reply!
But that is what I was afraid of. I would like to avoid to force the members to create a login (also but not only to keep the free version of SeaTable).

You are welcome.
If they don’t have a login, and they are allowed to change data in your base - This is surely a huge security problem for you! Did you consider that?

Just so you know: They all need a login to use the data collection table, but they don’t have to be in your team. That means, they can each register an account on cloud.seatable.io and still contribute to your data collection table and manage their own inputs.

Aha! Das ist ein wertvoller Hinweis. Danke! :wink:

You are welcome. This is simply because SeaTable doesn’t allow any anonymous user to change data on the server.

Ok, and it totally makes sense.