Upgrade all the way from 3.2.6 > 4.1.9

The instructions on the upgrade process look a little vague to me, between the minor and major versions. It looks like my process needs to be.

Pull and run the new 4.1.9 image and start the stack

seatable.sh upgrade-sql 3.2
seatable.sh upgrade-sql 3.3
seatable.sh upgrade-sql 3.4
seatable.sh upgrade-sql 3.5

Then run the specific script for 4.x

Then run the minor scripts again?
seatable.sh upgrade-sql 4.0
seatable.sh upgrade-sql 4.1

That all feels pretty clunky and over complicated though. Is the actual process more straightforward than that?

You don’t need to run the upgrade script for SeaTable 3.2, because you’re starting out with v3.2

Otherwise, the process is correct. Make sure that you have a look at the special upgrade notes: Extra Upgrade Notices - SeaTable Admin Manual

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